Miniature English Bulldog

Miniature English Bulldog

Miniature English Bulldog

Those of us who own English Bulldogs understand that they take extra more care than any average dogs. In addition to the regular medications to avoid heart worms and fleas and the yearly trip to the vet, Miniature English Bulldogs need a some extra TLC. We all have to remember some important things before deciding on purchasing and taking home a Miniature English Bulldog!

The wrinkles we really adore in Miniature English Bulldogs are also prone to yeast infections if not regularly and properly cared for. The goal is to keep the area inside the wrinkles really clean and dry. Other people suggest that you clean the wrinkles everyday and put unscented baby powder between the folds of skin. While not such a bad idea, if your English Bulldog suffers from excessive tearing, that may not significantly work for all of them. On the otherhand, this is not a medical article, but merely a recounting of how we try and prevent wrinkle issues.

Steps on Grooming Your English Bulldog Puppy

    • While the English Bulldog is typically very accommodating of our attentions, they are not pleased to have his wrinkles cleansed or their teeth brushed. They are also not fond of having anything placed in his ears. Some people bathe the bulldogs in a tub about every ten days or less. During that procedure they make an effort to clean their wrinkles, but that is usually not enough so they focus on getting them cleaned and spare other attentions for some other day.
    • Other people place a couple of cloths or towels over the table and put the English bulldog on top of it. Yes, the dog doesn’t care about this but he also will not move around too much since he is afraid of falling off. Of course most people would talk to him and promise his favorite treat.
    • With one person holding him to make sure he doesn’t fall off, the other one attends to nail clipping, teeth brushing and of course wrinkle cleaning. For the wrinkle cleaning some use Mal-A-Ket wipes. After cleaning each wrinkle thoroughly with the wipes others put Muricin in the wrinkles. These products work for most of the dogs, and so far it hasn’t had a real problems with the dog’s wrinkles. While these products are successful for some dog owners, you will need to consult with your veterinarian to see if they would be necessary for your English Bulldog.
    • Having your English Bulldog elevated and not able to move around too much makes it possible for you to work on his wrinkles thoroughly. Some people even manage to brush his teeth which is likely his least favorite thing. Any elevated surface that limits the dog’s movements will make wrinkle cleaning a much more easier task.

Choose the Right Breeder for Your Miniature English Bulldog for Sale

Always bear in mind that when looking to purchase your Miniature English Bulldog, purchase from the certified breeders and not from the middleman. Always be on the inquiry side when searching for the right puppy to take home. You would want to new family member to a healthy history that is why learning about its parents is essential. You want to be sure sure that your puppy has no history of any kind of diseases coming from its father and mother. Ask for the documentation of the puppy’s shots. Above all,  make a thorough research via internet about breeders before you purchase from them.

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